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Arriving from Hannover or Dortmund
on the motorway BAB 2

From Hannover:
Leave the motorway at exit Rheda-Wiedenbrück
and follow the signs for Lippstadt. Then follow
the sings for Rietberg-Gütersloh-Paderborn on
road B 64. ***
After passing three sets of traffic lights you will
see the sign for Westenholz, turn right into
Grubebachstr. Follow the road until "Im Kuhlen"
on the left hand side. Follow Im Kuhlen passing
through fields until you arrive at house No 14.
From Dortmund:
Leave the motorway at exit Rheda-Wiedenbruck,
follow the signs to Rietberg-Paderborn on the
B 64. *** Then follow the same directions as you
would coming from Hannover.

From Paderborn on the B 64
Follow the direction to Rheda-Wiedenbruck,
ignore all the the signs for Delbruck and
At the white sign "Nordhagen-Industriegebiet"
continue straight on.
At the next yellow sigh ”Nordhagen” turn left
into Nordhagener Strasse and continue for
approx 3 km. Then trurn right into "Im Kuhlen".
Follow the road until house No 14.

From Dortmund-Kassel on the BAB 44
Leave the motorway at exit Erwitte-Anrochte
(Nr.58) and follow the direction to Erwitte-
Turn left towards the B55 Bielefeld-Lippstadt.
After 8 km at a junction with traffic lights, turn
right for Delbruck. Follow the road until the sign
for Mastholte-Sud approx 7km. Passing a pub
"Gaststatte Vogt" and a pedestrian crossing
(traffic lights) turn right into Westenholzener Str.
Continue towards Westenholz, approx 8km into
the direction of Delbruck. At the end of Norhagen
turn left into Nordhagener Str. Passing the sign
"60km", take the first road into "Im Kuhlen".
Continue until house No 14.
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