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Outside Area:
The outdoor kennels have an excellent insulated double-walled cabin,
filled with paper shredding. Ideal for the dogs to get comfortable and let their fur
dry quickly, in case it got wet. During the day, every dog has a covered outdoor
area to run around in.
The cabins are also heated.

Before the dogs arrive at our hotel, the cabins are cleaned and new shredding will be provided.
Early in the morning, the dogs are allowed to meet other selected dogs to go out into the
big outdoor run.
Two People of our team are always supervising the outdoor play, just for security reasons to
see if the dogs get on. In the meantime, the shredding will be replaced, the fresh water bowl
will be cleaned and filled again, and any doggy mess will be removed, with inspection
of the digestive system! – and digging holes will be refilled. The team will check if medication
has been taken! For good behaviour treats will be given.

The same procedures repeat itself in the afternoon. We feed the dogs twice a day
to avoid any digestive problems etc.

In 2000 we build the new inside area.
All rooms are tiled and have heated floors. Beds, Blankets, Mattress or Drybeds are on hand
and for cats there are also scratch post with high level sleeping moulds available.
Apart from that everything is handled the same as the standard accommodation,
apart from that the rooms are cleaned and disinfected daily. In the meantime
the dogs can play outside with members of the team and other companions.

Hunde und Rübbelke provide all animals an excellent daily routine.
At nigh time the team will check up on the animals and provide loving care and attention.

Just to mention that all other small pets receive the same lovable treatment and
affection at all times.