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The kennels of Hunde und Rübbelke are situated in around 8000 qm
of wide open fields.
People speak of the kennels as a Luxury Hotel for animals.
Such a high recommendation demands a high standard,
especially in the service area.
Years ago, the farmhouse was converted into a proper equip kennel and it is
also a recommended training and education business for animal keepers.

With that in mind the kennel has a highly professional team who will look
after the best interest of all their Guests.

Let us take a look behind the scenes:
In every area there is a special room for food preparation,
next to it there is a room just for medical and hygienic purposes.
Hygiene is a very important issue.
The team prepares every meal themselves and any special wishes will be
taken into consideration.

Medical treatments such as tablets and insulin will be given
at correct times.
This is for all our animals.

The accommodation comes in two categories:

Hunde und Rübbelke has therefore a special HOLIDAY FITNESS PROGRAM,
which will fulfil everybody’s wishes: play time, promoting healthy living and education.
Give your dog an extraordinary treat!

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Futterraum Hunde
schwarzweißer Hund