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Linda Tellington has founded the TTouch Every Animal Method = TTEAM in 1978 and she is
known worldwide as a behaviour and body (physical) therapist for animals and humans.

It all began in the 70s when she worked with behavioural disordered horses, because Linda
Tellington gently started circular movements of the hands and in a short space of time the
horses started to relax and began to be sociable again.
Meanwhile the TTouch is successful in dogs, cats and even Zoo animals such as snakes benefit
from the training

Since 2003, she also teaches the training on humans (3 year course), why shouldn’t it make us
feel better when the animals show a sense of well being. Even some of the physiotherapist
discovered the “Tellington TTouch for you” Method and they are using it successfully on their

Resi  Rübbelke has completed all levels of her training and she works for a few years now as a
practitioner II for animals. She also now has the authorisation to work on humans and she is
– personally trained by Linda Tellington- a licensed seminar leader.
Hunde und Rübbelke offers you the TTOUCH for HUMAN & ANIMALS and with this,
a special well being experience for two and four legged friends!

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